At a key moment in my hockey career, I began training with Jason Williams. From his experience and expertise as a professional hockey player, I have not only fine-tuned my physical skills but also learned what can be accomplished through determination, hard work and heart.
Jason has trained and played with some of the best hockey players and coaches in the NHL. He draws on such experiences to design challenging on-ice training sessions, which focus on edge control, intricate footwork, body position, puck possession and shooting techniques.
Jason’s creative and unique training methods stem from his extensive knowledge of the game. Not only is he able to demonstrate all aspects of the game at high speeds, but he is able to communicate his instructions in a straight-forward and effective manner.
Training with Jason Williams has prepared me to make the jump from an undrafted Minor Midget AAA player to the brink of the OHL in a couple of years. He has taught me to have confidence in my abilities as a player and has shown me how to improve some of the finer points of my game.

I would recommend PHD Hockey Essentials to hockey players of all ages who aspire to get to the next level.

Kurt Watson

We can’t say enough great things about the clinics and sessions Jason Williams has provided to both our sons this past year. The focus on edge work and developing strong skating skills, in addition to puck control, speed and attention to accuracy has boosted their confidence and enjoyment of the game of hockey as they have both seen the benefit of this extra ice time with PHD/ Jason.
Never once have our kids complained about joining Jason on this ice; he makes the sessions fun yet challenging. His supportive, yet motivating coaching style encourages the kids to try something new and aim to perfect the drills each time they are on the ice. These are not your typical hockey skating sessions and definitely worth it! Our boys have loved ever single session and look forward to more in years to come with Jason and PHD.

Sheila Builder ~ Jack & Black Builder

Hey Jason, I would like to thank you for the time and effort that you put into my son Eli, he notices all the  passion, positive influence, discipline, respect and a love for life and hockey. He can not wait to wake up in the morning and be a part of your group. Thank you for passing all those attributes onto him.

Naj & Eli Dalal

My son has skated with different programs within London Ontario and loves skating with Jason at Phd. He gets a lot of correction and encouragement in a very positive way!! He is constantly excited about his early morning skates:)
Thanks for making his training/ skating so fun:)

Ashley & Carter L’Hereux