What do I have to bring to camp?

Hockey equipment, including all protective gear and 2 hockey sticks. Water bottle, plus snacks and/or lunch depending on the session time. Workout gear, including shorts, t-shirt and running shoes. Do not forget to bring the waiver form!!!!!

What does PHD stand for?

Pride, Hustle & Desire

How do you get from the on-ice facility to the off-ice facility?

We at PHD Hockey Essentials have organized a bus service to take the players to and from.

Where is the off-ice taking place?

Each off-ice session will be held at PFPC which is located at 1510 Woodcock Street, unit #4. London ON N6H 5S1. 519-495-9943. www.pfpclondon.com

Can I pick up my child at PFPC, rather then at the rink?

Technically, each days sessions ends after the off-ice workout. If parents live near PFPC, and would prefer to pick up their child at that location to save time, then we will allow that as long as a parent notifies PHD by email or text day off.

Are jerseys provided?


How can I purchase PHD Hockey Essentials apparel and hats?

At the moment you can place an order through Jason Williams directly. In the near future, you will be able to purchase items on the website through our pro-shop.